Are you overweight? Stuck at a plateau? Feel unmotivated to exercise? Our Lake Mary personal trainers at iN8 Fitness will maximize your results and help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer personal and group training and cater to all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience.

With so many Orlando – Lake Mary personal trainers to choose from, why hire us to provide this service? Here are a couple of reasons:

Just Beginning

We will be your coach and introduce you to simple, effective routines which will build your confidence and knowledge.

Lose Weight

The number one reason people decide to begin a fitness program or hire an Orlando personal trainer is to lose weight and get into shape. Our personal trainers at our Lake Mary center will create a weight loss program designed to get results and realize your personal goals.


It is common for people to lose motivation when they are on an exercise program. We will provide you with the structure and accountability that you need to keep you on a path that optimizes your health and wellness.


Stop wasting time doing inefficient workouts which produce lackluster results. A structured plan which is customized with YOUR goals in mind, will help you get maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

No More Plateaus

If you are stuck in the same routine, can’t lose weight and don’t seem to be making progress, we can help. Our personal trainers will jump start YOUR motivation, change up your routine, create muscle confusion and get RESULTS.

Workout Safely

Not just any Orlando personal trainer, our Lake Mary facility prides itself on ensuring that clients workout safely and with proper form. Your workouts are always supervised to reduce the risk of injury. Your health and safety is our #1 concern.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today! Call (407) 302-5161 today for a free consult and be prepared to change your life!