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Keep Exercise Routines Exciting with Technology

Keep Exercise Routines Exciting with Technology

There are many ways to exercise while continuing what you normally do on a regular basis. With Wi-Fi practically all around us, and cell phone technology today, more people seem to be active while in company of a tablet, phone, or iPod. So, are using these devices good to use while working out? The answer is absolutely! One of the major advantages using technology has while working out is it provides distraction during the workout. For example, some people like to listen to music while working out to either run to a rhythm or excite them before starting a set. Motivational speakers are also common to listen to while in the gym. As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, people need the extra motivation to keep them going and having an influential speech in your headphones can help. During certain cardio routines, I have experienced that Netflix is a wonderful tool that can help make time fly by. If you are one of those people that hates using cardio equipment due to the boredom it causes, then using your cell phone or tablet to keep you entertained works extremely well. There are many ways to keep you entertained when exercising, just find what works for you.

Here at iN8 fitness, I believe in keeping the client motivated in any form that works for the client. Each person has preferences as to what they like, and I do what I can to meet their needs. Come in today to receive your 2 free training sessions before the offer expires at the end of January. It’s not too late to begin your new year’s resolutions and become a new you!

– Nick Cupp, CPT

Nick Cupp is a Certified Personal Trainer at iN8 Fitness (weight loss programs, personal training, rehabilitation) in Lake Mary, FL.  He attended the University of Central Florida where he majored in Sports and Exercise Science.  He is certified as a trainer through AFAA.  Call our Lake Mary office today at 407-302-5161 to see how we can help you meet your weight loss and wellness goals!